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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Demi Sent Nasty Email To Ashley Greene?

When Demi Lovato found out about Joe Jonas dating Ashley Greene, a source told X17 that Demi emailed Ashley chastising her for 'stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.' Ashley replied with a picture of her & Joe and asked Demi to leave them alone. Ashley's rep said there 'was never an issue'

..with Demi, however Demi wrote an open letter to the Pacer Center's campaign for Teens Against Bullying which read: 'People say sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you, but that’s not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven’t forgotten.'

Justin Bieber Zac Efron FACES OF 2010

Justin & Zac featured in Interview's The Faces Of 2010: Admit it, just between the two of us: you love Justin Bieber, just like everyone else in America does. When Bieber put out his first full studio release, My World 2.0, in March, his fate was sealed: he was fated to become the teenybopper prince of 2010.
This was also the year Bieber decided to tell us his story: at the tender age of 16, he released a memoir, First Step 2 Forever, in October. September brought the news that Bieber accounts for three percent of all Twitter traffic. Not too bad for a kid who got his start at local singing contests.
Quotable in 2010: 'I haven't been in love yet. I've definitely loved girls. But it's kinda like puppy love. It's not the real thing, but that's what you think at the time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Get A Job As Cashier . .

became a cashier was crazy. we have to deal with many clients who just do not understand the language. who always think they are right. must always stand with their anger and sometimes absurd. but want to make any kind of work is in the world, to be well received. whatever I still love that is beside the good heart. hope to survive with a customers' actions can not be expected.