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Monday, November 22, 2010

Zac Efron THE LUCKY ONE Set Pictures

Zac Efron is currently filming 'The Lucky One' adapted from a Nicholas Sparks book. Zac plays Sergeant Logan Thibault, a US Marine who returns home from the war and sets out to find the mystery woman whose picture he carries around as a good luck charm. Photos: New York Post, Warner Bros.


Zac Efron The Lucky One Louisiana Set

From Virginia: Zac Efron was filming 'The Lucky One' on Friday in Abita Springs, Louisiana. My best friend & I got to go backstage and Zac talked to us for about 10 minutes. He was so sweet and waved and smiled at us, every time he saw us! Catie also saw him! Thx Abby for more pix!

American Music Awards

American Music Awards

Crazy Night ! !

Harinie aq bertemu balek ng kawan2 aq yang lama . .
Im so hepy , i just dont want to let this moment go . .
Its been so long that we not hang out together . .
So many story that we want to share . .
Hope in this one month we can being happily together . .
Sekarang tengah lepak kat cc . .
Selepas kitorang melantak nasi lemak ayam kat HABIB . .
Its such beautiful night here ,
Because im eith my friends . .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 November 2010

Today was so awesome , because hang out eith my friends before all of us going back to our own house . .
My last paper on this thursday , hope i can answer all the question ? ?
Today we ate at Sedap Corner yang actually tak berapa nak Sedap ? ?
But it's okay laa , we still can eat . . 
Having so much fun with my friends . .
Hope it will be last until forever . .
We all wearing the same T'Shirt . .
It's black , so today all of us was Woman In Black , agagagah . .
We just eat , not doing anything . . 
We go shopping , walking , laughing , and everything . .
We enjoy together , laugh together , walk together , and of course happy together . .
Hope we all can be Best Friends Forever and After . .
Love them damn much . .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kenapa bila bercakap tak pernah nak kotakan ? ?
Kenapa kalau xnak kotakan kita mesti bercakap ? ?
Tak pernah kew kita pikir pasal perasaan orang lain . .
Sakit taw x . . 
Perasaan yang x semua orang taw . .
Memang laa orang kata :
Bercakap xsemestinya Berjanji , Berjanji tak semestinya Mengotai . .
Tapi tu kan perkara yang menyakitkan . .
Jangan sampai satu hari takde sapa yang nak ngan awak . .
Maaf x semestinya boleh mengubati perasaan yang sakit . .
Hargailah kawan anda selagi dia ada kat depan mata . .

Happy Birthday Sista =)

Happy Birthday to my younger sister . .

Hope you will always happy . .
Love you so much . .
Don't always be a naughty girl . .
Don't hurt your mom heart . .
Always behave yourself , because you're such an amazing little girl . .
Always make us proud . .
Happy Birthday once again . .
Love you always . .